Creative Services

You wish only partial support? With pleasure!

  • Media

    Hollywood greets! Corporate videos, product videos, animations, explanatory films and interactive multimedia shows – we have experienced authors, cameramen, editors, motion designers but above all: good ideas! Personalizing your visions with impressive media processing. It’s “Big Cinema”.

  • Presentation

    Exciting lectures! We enhance your existing presentation to become infotainment. Skillfully tailored to your target audience. In a state of the art design including psychological didactical aspects. We also provide technical support, merely adapting formats while adhering to the corporate design and the ensuring perfect visualization on a large format screen.

  • Music

    How does your event sound? For example: background music which deliberately enhances a speech or ingenious music for stunning product presentations and show productions. We skillfully include music, the instrument for emotion, in your project.
    As a contractual partner of the largest music archives in the world, we also have access to titles of all genres as well as sound effects. Nothing to be found? Then we specifically compose, arrange and even text exclusive corporate songs and shows. Live on the stage or in the studio.

  • Artists

    Make you laugh, astonish or enchant you. Whether classic or avant-garde – from our pool of highly professional artists in the fields of dance, acrobatics, music and singing, comedy and many more, we guarantee to provide suitable Entertainment. Suitable for your event and your budget.

  • Moderation

    Always the right words! In dialogue with CEOs? A solid personality. Presenting a trendy product? A young talent? Effective media event? A great name? In our network we have presenters from various areas of expertise – tailored depending on the requirements of your company. Who may we present to you?

  • Show production

    When artists become ambassadors. Let us conjure up unforgettable moments for your guests, spread joy, generate tension, create moments of surprise, set highlights. A customized show in which your goals and messages are artistically conveyed by talented young people. Let us create new things together!

  • Set design

    Theater presents effectively. A valuable addition to your event. Even more so – essential if you ask us. Our set designer’s creations enhance the impact of your message. The orchestration of space is used as a communication tool. Nonverbal and always with the “big picture” in focus.

  • Staging

    Create the right emotion. As directors of your message, we stage your program. Together we will develop the central theme, create tension and ensure a targeted dramaturgy. To ensure that your message remains memories. This includes creating detailed artistic and functional instructions for all elements of the event to provide a perfect combination of speakers, talk show guests, artists set in the appropriate ambience with the integration of media and effective full use of stage and camera technology.

  • Show director

    No replay, no second chances. The whole audience sees every mistake on stage. Therefore, a good event management is so important. We manage rehearsals, are the link between technical setups and actors, optimizing performances and “call” your stage show – so during your event everything runs smoothly and accurately to the second, both behind and on stage.

  • Stage coaching

    Stage presence can be learned! You have the technical and professional competence, we work on your perfect stage appearance. You learn about the impact of your attitude, body language and tonality and how you can use them effectively.